Category: Education
Released: Aug 30, 2010
Version: 3.0.1
1.7 MB



Coloring by Pattern is a collection of coloring books for pre-school kids (ages 3 to 6). This application allows children to develop memory, visual acuity and attention to details in a fun way.

The application helps children to see and recognize patterns which assist in the development of reading and math skills. Perceiving patterns in one format enables children to look for and find patterns and connections in other areas.

The objective of the application is to color the pages of the book following the colors suggested by the system. Per each region that the child paints with the correct color the system will increase the score. Once the child paints all regions with the color indicated by the system he/she will receive a maximum score of 100. At the end the system will stimulate the child with a verbal cue of “hurray”.


- 9 Coloring Pages, 3 per each Alis App coloring book
- 14 Crayon colors to choose from
- Help children to develop memory
- Touch to fill coloring method making it easy for kids to use
- Shake the device to clear coloring page and start over
- Sound effects during coloring
- You can zoom in to make it easier to color the regions
- Tested by Kids


Select a book: Coloring by Pattern has three books, The beach, Bugs and Sweets. Tap the button of the book you want to start coloring with.

Coloring by following the pattern: Tap the left button with the small picture and the system will display the color pattern suggested for that page. Tap the button again to go back to the page, select a crayon icon and touch the page to start coloring.

Select new page: Tab the book icon to select a new page. Navigate the book by scrolling horizontally or touching the page control. Touch the page you want and start coloring it.

Zoom in/out the page: Use two fingers to zoom in or out, and use one finger to move around the screen. Touch the region you what to fill and the system will apply the color to it. To return to the original size of the page use two fingers to zoom out the screen.

Reset the page: Tap the eraser icon to reset the page or shake the device and the system will clean the colors, reset the timer, the taps and the score.